RVA Street Art Festival

RVA Street Art Festival

by Melinda Harvey

The fan was buzzing with energy the week of September 11-15 while artists spent days pouring the paint onto what used to be the old GRTC Bus Depot.  These warehouses have been sitting empty since the depot was abandoned and now with the help of RVA’s local talent and creative power, the brick walls have been flipped into an outdoor art gallery, complete with sculptures, mixed- media, planter gardens and a skate ramp. 

What I loved most about attending the festival was discovering the raw grit and character living within those cavernous warehouses.  The skylights allow light to flood the walls in a beautiful, contained splash of sun.  The wide openings at either end allow for an open-air feel and cross breezes to filter throughout. 

One warehouse had a very personal exhibit acknowledging the former GRTC employees and their past.  Captured through both photography and audio, each staff member tells his or her own story and keeps the memory of the station alive.

One thing that left me wondering was what will become of this masterpiece in the future?  Will it be used for events and parties?  Will it become a public park- open for visitors and tourists?  Whatever the case may be, it is a wonderful addition to our city and a vast improvement from what was originally there.