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Poised for rapid growth within the coming years, SNL Financial took a strategic look at their corporate real estate standards, efficiency and work environment culture. The “Pilot” project at their Headquarter campus in Charlottesville, Virginia, launched a new design concept that serves as the foundation for SNL’s corporate space and furniture standards.

Project drivers included increasing capacity, team collaborative opportunities and flexibility for future growth. In response to the high volume of video conference meetings, a suite of meeting enclaves and conference rooms were created. Beyond increased staff capacity, the new environment mirrors SNL’s dynamic brand image and became a visually stimulating workspace. A central café equipped with technology serves as the “town hall” for breaks as well as team meetings. Private offices are located in the office center with full glass walls allowing natural light and open views to be enjoyed by the entire staff.

SMBW has developed and implemented SNL’s global workplace and furniture standards at their corporate headquarters, domestic and international locations.

Market Segment:
Charlottesville, VA
6,000 sf
Year Completed: