Phlow Corp.

Phlow Corp.

Richmond, VA

Market Sector: Corporate
Size: 13,500 SF
Year Completed: 2020

Phlow Corp.

Phlow, a pharmaceutical manufacturing company, is on a mission to bring the manufacturing of affordable, high quality, generic drugs to the U.S. market. As innovators in their industry, Phlow needed a unique office space to foster creativity, collaboration, and innovation.

Phlow’s dynamic open office environment supports a variety of work and collaboration settings. Designed to accommodate rapid employee growth, the space utilizes flexible workstations and technology to accommodate frequent team reconfigurations. Mezzanines host additional work and collaboration opportunities with a bird’s eye view of the office below.

Overlooking the rapids of the James River, Phlow’s location is ideally suited to support their desire to promote healthy living and the connection to an active, health conscious workplace.

Key design features include ergonomically designed workstations, sit to stand furniture, perimeter glass walls with abundant natural light for all with access to exterior patios and downtown canal walk. References to nature are mimicked through the interior finishes utilizing warm wood, stones, and recycled materials.

A wood clad ‘gateway’, an architecturally open trellis system, serves as a unifying element to connect both ends of the workplace and organize the flow of traffic. The gateway walls also create a backdrop for branding and client testimonies. Added graphics and AV integration alert the guest and employees alike to the innovation and forward-thinking that drives Phlow’s culture.