National Donor Memorial

Market Sector: Cultural
Year Completed: 2003

Conceived as an urban contemplative garden, the National Memorial for Organ and Tissue Donors is comprised of three metaphorical rooms that commemorate the emotional journey of a donor family as they face the difficult and painful process of organ donation. The memorial landscape is comprised of three main spaces; a serene grove, an open lawn, and an elongated room defined by a 100-foot long donor memorial wall. Amplifying the central design themes of Hope, Renewal, and Transformation three water features activate these rooms and offer a source of personal reflection. A wall of tears recognizing deceased loved ones greets visitors as they enter the memorial, a sculptural spring representing the individual’s “gift of life” contribution is symbolized by ripples from a single drop of water, and an expressive waterfall which is fed by the spring celebrates the exponentially positive impact that the choice of organ donation has on our society.