Army Women Museum


The Fort Lee US Army Women Museum expansion includes a 1,500 SF multi-purpose meeting facility and a 1,000 SF atrium that reorients and redefines the entrance. The new wing establishes an entry sequence into the building, and aesthetically composes the outdoor space between the new and old elevations into a single cohesive garden space. This outdoor room will serve as a companion space to the atrium that will accommodate a variety of museum functions including formal gathering space for ceremonial events. The new atrium/ entrance quietly elevates the existing facility’s aesthetic through elegant structural steel detailing emphasized by a floor to ceiling glass envelope. A deep cantilevered roof overhangs the south and west facades providing shade, while a steeply sloping shed roof extends upward above the multi-purpose roof defining a tall atrium space. Along the high-point of this shed roof a continuous glazed clerestory allows soft north light to spill in from above creating an open, airy, and light-filled space that appropriately celebrates the museum entrance.


Market Sector
2,500 SF
Year Completed