Lou Wolf

Principal + Architecture

Ballet Dad

From loving to draw at an early age to exploring new materials and technologies, Lou knew early in life he wanted to be an architect. Believing the physical environment continues to be the most impactful change agent, with a direct influence on effectiveness, real estate strategy and culture, Lou has pursued his passion for more than 30 years. Those years of experiences across the country brought him to SMBW, where he fills the role of Architectural Principal, Operations and Production Director and most importantly Technical Mentor.

What is one thing about you you’d rather not admit?
I like to watch silly movies like Airplane or The Naked Gun.

How would clients, peers or your mother describe you?
Tries really hard to live the Boy Scout Law, trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly.

Why SMBW? Why design?
I loved the type of work SMBW was creating and wanted to be a part of a forward thinking group of architects and designers.


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