Elliott Freeman


Dual Designer

With a dual design background, having experience in both interior design and architecture, Elliott’s approach to buildings is holistic. Elliott works with the client to create a smart, cohesive design solution by developing the interior and exterior in tandem. Elliott brings with him experience in the hospitality sector, from the development of national prototype brands to the construction of custom boutique hotels.

What type of design or skills are you known for?

I like to think I have a good mix of hand drawing/drafting and computational skills. Although, I’m a big fan of programs like Rhino or Grasshopper, these are usually my go-tos when starting a project. I’m always interested in new technologies and how they could translate into development tools for architecture. Hoping to learn to code, but most likely wasting time with Netflix or a book.

What are your personal passions?
Plants, Books, Outdoors. I have quite the indoor jungle. My friends call my house the Junglelow (bungelow and jungle, get it?). I love reading, especially in the mornings on a weekend. And I love spending time outdoors, camping, hiking, fishing, whatever. Recreationally though, I’m by no means, nor do I want to be, Behr Grylls.


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