SMBW Blog is the place for sharing special insights, travels, sketches, construction photos, community engagement, and creative musings about design and life in the studio. We'll be discussing Practice, exploring Places, sharing Perspectives, and making a Splash! So, check in soon to see what we've been up to...

Practice | This is a place for us to share SMBW related news posts.  What are we doing?  What are we working on?  Here, you might find featured AIA and IIDA events and seminars.  Intriguing materials, details and technology might appear here as well as conceptual work, sketching and modeling.  From time-to-time we enjoy entering competitions and we will present that work.

Place | Place is important whether you are a designer or not.  Whether it’s the place you grew up or the place you visited that one time, we all find places to be associated with emotions.  In this category, we’d like to share our explorations and documentations of place- both in our community and beyond.  Writings may include history to give context, or travel experiences.

Perspectives | Expanding our perspective to individuals outside of our studio helps to showcase our region and people around us.  In our “perspectives” space, we will promote the community and individuals or groups doing positive things through our own writings, but also some guest postings.  We might even have an out-of-town guest contributor as well!  Our endeavors in connecting with students, such as studio critiques, reviews and teaching experiences will be shared also.   

Splash! An image.  A quick glance at something that inspires us, challenges us, or just shares a moment in time.

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