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Richmond, VA

New in 2021- Welcome, Niloo!


Phone: 804.709.1304

Notable Projects

Park Avenue Apartments
Virginia Public Media
Ronald McDonald House Charities
Soda Flats

Niloo Heydarian


Progressive Creator

Niloo's holistic project approach keeps her plugged in from concept through execution. Drawn to conceptualizing and skilled in technical detailing, she is an integral member of any team. Niloo thrives in a team setting, working under pressure, with clear goals outlined to exceed client expectations. She takes initiative and applies a logical and organized approach to her projects.


After touring Belvedere Gardens, an SMBW-designed mausoleum in Salem, VA, with her Virginia Tech classmates, Niloo set her sights on SMBW. The 'small, but mighty' mentality is attractive to emerging designers champing at the bit to gain hands-on project experience and connect with professional mentors. At SMBW, the 'no boundaries' floor plan puts principals next to newbies and intersperses the disciplines to create a truly holistic studio learning and working environment.

What She's Known For

Outgoing, ambitious, conscientious, and organized, Niloo is textbook Type A. Her excitement and passion for design is contagious and she finds nothing more gratifying than making her clients happy. Niloo is known for staying cool under pressure and for being a skilled communicator- somewhat ironic, considering her native language is Farsi.

Setting Goals

Ambitious at her core, Niloo finds herself up at night dreaming about her future. She hopes to rise to Equestrian state champion and advance her career to a Project Management role.

After Work, Find Niloo…

Riding her horse Gracie (formerly Miss Congeniality in her racing days), swimming laps, or Facetiming her family in Tehran, Iran.


Phone: 804.709.1304