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1114 Hull Street

Manchester | Richmond, VA

2 Years at SMBW


Phone: 804.622.2162

Notable Projects

1114 Hull Street
1228 Hull Street
Soda Flats
500 N. 10th Street
Jackson St Innovation District

Majd Soudi


Purposeful Designer

A true collaborator, Majd Is driven by the energy of working on a team to reach a common goal. Coming to the U.S. from Jordan to study architecture at Virginia Tech, Majd brings lessons in contextual composition with him from the historic sites and buildings that abound in his home country. Majd's contextually-rich, thoughtfully-detailed designs are driven by the narrative of place, which drives all decisions, from material selection and assembly.

Why Design?

Giving clients and the community a voice can be very empowering. As designers, we have a responsibility to uplift the community around us. We are the bridge that connects our clients’ imagination to physical manifestations, allowing them to have a direct impact on their environments and giving them ownership of it.

Design Crush

Though Majd is always seeking out new inspiration outlets, he looks to contextual designers who honor the site and history of space. He's currently digging AAU Anastas, out of Bethlehem, who is renovating an old olive press facility through traditional techniques in construction. An old favorite, Rafael Moneo, is inspiring for the simplicity and beauty found in the details. Moneo's Roman Arts Museum ranks at the top of his list currently for the unassuming nature and unexpected monumentality.

Design Drivers

Nothing is more gratifying than a job well done for Majd, who derives his creative energy from the momentum of working on a fast-paced team. Though he'd rather not admit it, he lives to create and ideate. His designs are poetic and deep-rooted in their narratives. His detail-oriented approach ensures every detail within the construction and the design concept supports the overarching idea. Using a holistic approach, he enjoys researching and understanding the impact that architecture and design has on each site and its surroundings.

After Work, Find Majd...

Studying history, keeping up with politics, watching mysteries, and rooting on Chelsea.


Phone: 804.622.2162