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Activation Capital

An Liu

Interior Designer

Visualization Expert

An Liu is an interior designer who thinks architecturally. He pays particular attention to the environmental impacts and the sensory experiences created by the materials used in his design. Beyond the form and construction details in each project, An is pursuing a deep connection between space and experience for his clients. Master of rendering and visualization, An’s abilities translate from computer to paper as he explores digital and watercolor drawings to realize design concepts for his clients.

Who are you, as a designer?

Context is key for An Liu, whose design solutions respond to each individual client's needs and the surroundings. He looks for inspiration everywhere- unique features of the site, historic context, nature, and personal experiences all inform his designs. Thinking sustainably, he utilizes strategies to reduce waste, reuse features and objects, and avoid the depletion of natural resources to help maintain an ecological balance with the built environment.

How do your peers describe you?

A production powerhouse. Enthusiastic, hardworking, and positive. Thoughtful and bold designer. Skilled renderer. Highly productive. A Swiss-army knife.

Why design, as a career?

First an artist, then an exhibit designer, now an interior designer; An has found himself in the ideal career that relies on his strengths and interests- problem solving, experimentation, geometry, and story telling. He believes that space makes social connections and works to weave in stories into the environments he creates.

After work, find An...

Perfecting the ultimate Japanese ramen, exploring the great outdoors, creating art, and keeping in touch with his family in China.


Phone: 804.622.2813