Will Scribner

Founder + Principal Emeritus

Master Storyteller | Founder + Principal Emeritus

Will provides master planning, strategic thinking and technical guidance to SMBW projects with complex planning, site or technical requirements. Will is a firm wide mentor and industry resource. As a trusted advisor to many of Virginia’s collegiate planning and design entities, Will regularly contributes to annual master planning efforts and visionary projects. Will’s support of academic programs has led to SMBW’s rigorous participation in mentor, guest lecture, fellows and grant opportunities for Mid-Atlantic architecture and interior design students.

What type of design, skills or personality traits are you known for?
I look for rigor and rationale in our design work. In my own work I strive to edit out willfulness in design, seeking instead work that is tight, strategically sound, and fully realized.

What keeps you up at night?
On snowy nights, I run through the structural calculations for the roof rafters in our ninety-year-old house in the Northside.

Why SMBW? Why design?
As a child I had an interest in building things, and that developed into a compulsion to make architecture. As for SMBW, who knows? At each turn, pushing forward always seemed like the right thing to do. Our staff – peers, friends and colleagues – always seemed willing and committed, so we just kept striving for whatever level of excellence we could achieve whatever compelling work we could win and produce.


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