Taylor Clark


Taylor ClarkNotable Projects:

1717 Innovation Center

S&P Group

512 Hull Street

aspiring amateur bassist

Bringing a background in music and construction to architecture, Taylor enjoys the composition and craft to be found in every project. He aims to find elegant, simple solutions to the unique challenges of each project and loves those moments when the value of quality design is made real for the client. When he’s not in the office, Taylor enjoys spending time with his wife, young daughter, and band mates.

What type of design, skills, or personality traits are you known for?

I’ve been described as a ‘quiet’ person but I’ve been known to crack a joke every now and then. That may be why I prefer design that doesn’t shout at you, but rather reveals its best qualities over time. I think good design, like wine, should become better with age.

What are your professional goals and drivers?

Richmond is a community filled with creativity and character and it deserves a built environment that supports that. I hope to contribute work that helps that culture thrive for years to come.

Why SMBW? Why design?

No great discovery ever started by someone saying, “We’ve always done it this way.” I enjoy the design challenge of bringing a fresh approach to mundane everyday problems and being a perpetual student of the world. SMBW is one of those unique offices that resists being typecast and is always bringing fresh ideas to the table.


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