Tamara Van Meter

Principal + Interior Design

Farmhouse Dweller

Tamara has built an award-winning body of work over 21 years, bringing creativity, compassion and tactical focus to her clients’ ambitions. She believes your environment can be the most impactful change agent to your bottom line, culture and brand. As the driving force behind some of the region’s most imaginative and meaningful projects, Tamara is not only a talented designer, but an industry leader and community partner.

Best mistake you’ve ever made? 
Choosing Pre-Med as my first college major. That academic detour taught me valuable lessons about research, psychology, and human behavior that continue to shape my design philosophy today.

What are your personal passions or obsessions?
Contributing to projects that enrich the community

What keeps you up at night?
Nothing, I am like an old fashioned doll, once I lie down my eyelids close.


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