SMBW is committed to an integrated design studio and meaningful client collaboration. We strive to bring a seasoned, diverse creative team to each project culminating in unique, thought provoking designs.

The desire to create innovative designs that bring cultural and civic value to this community is one that resonates deeply with our firm.

Our client segments include higher education, corporate, research / laboratory, civic and residential.

We are creative problem solvers and work most often with two types of clients; those with complex technical challenges and those seeking identity rich, creative design.

SMBW specializes in projects that require a high degree of design as well as client management sensitivity and have developed methodology to help unite end users, build consensus and a cohesive project vision.

SMBW spends time up front listening, researching and asking the rights questions. We don’t believe in surprises in meetings and aim to solve problems before they escalate.

We focus a lot on being empathetic and work to respond with impactful, creative solutions.