Richmond’s Iconic Climax Beverage Co. To Re-Launch

Dogtown Dish – March 25, 2018

“Our next task was to decide where to set up the brewing/bottling operation and tasting room for Climax Beverage Co. We intend to locate Climax in Swansboro, just west of Manchester, as part of a destination based development that will focus on food & beverages. This large Swansboro development will include the old Siegel’s grocery store we have already begun restoring. (…) To flesh all this out, we have engaged SMBW architects to assist with the master planning. Climax Beverage Co. will be folded in as one component of a broad vision for this multi-faceted re-development effort. The hope is that the revitalized area will include a whole swath of purveyors including food vendors, restaurants, breweries, distilleries, and fresh produce/market items to help serve the needs of the surrounding neighborhood. ”

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