Farrah El Sharif

interior design

Farrah El SharifNotable Projects:

Envera Health

Virginia Bar Association

1717 Innovation Center

60s Skirt

Being Egyptian, art and history were incorporated into Farrah’s everyday life in the form of architecture. Farrah is driven by minimal aesthetics, monochromatic palettes, pure geometry and seamless details. Just like scenography in theatrical and film productions, she wants her designs to be the narrator of someone’s story.

What keeps you up at night?

Friends and family’s lack of understanding time-zone difference; daily 4-5 am phone calls are not okay.

What are your personal passions or obsessions?

I am obsessed with pre-2000s fashion, and yes, that includes all eras from the 20s and up. Also, I’ve developed a strong passion towards woodwork.

Anything else we just really ought to know about you?

I speak French.
I am developing an addiction to Neo-soul music.
I strongly believe that cheese is a path to happiness.
I find stage design inspiring.


felsharif@smbw.com     804-709-1304       view resume