Andy Lehman

Interior Designer

Beard Enthusiast

Throughout Andy’s journey as an interior designer grew a love for pure, minimalist design. Strong in interior architecture and details, Andy strives to create spaces that evoke inspiration and curiosity. While he enjoys working in the third dimension, Andy also experiments with graphic design, finding ways to seamlessly combine both the 2D and 3D realms. A few fun facts about Andy: he loves cheese pizza, panda bears, and is fluent in puns – punbelievably fluent.

What are your personal passions or obsessions?

I’ve been renovating my house over the last 5 months or so and am really into construction at the moment. I’d like to dabble into wood- and metal-working and see if I can build some custom pieces for the house. I also really enjoy graphic design and typography. I have multiple folders on my computer with a variety of different projects-everything from Britney album covers to wedding invitations for friends. And Netflix kindly pointed out that I am interested in shows with strong female leads (shout out to Sydney Bristow). Did I mention I love Britney?

Why SMBW? Why design?
As I made my way through design school, I found myself yearning to work on a holistic level-coming up with solutions and ideas for individual elements of project that ultimately are woven together to create a more cohesive design. For instance, if I work with a client to design a restaurant, I’d want to develop concepts for the interior space, the signage, graphics, menus, branding-anything and everything that will make the client’s vision become reality. SMBW’s approach towards design and work style totally fills this passion of mine so it was a perfect fit coming over and joining the team.

Design changes the way we as humans interact. It affects the way we work, live, and play.  I love that I can create a solution to problem that can make a person’s life better. And there’s no one right solution. The possibilities are endless and with each project I learn something new that I can build on later down the road.


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