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Lexington, VA

12 Years at SMBW


Phone: 804.622.2161

Notable Projects

1717 Innovation Center

Tamara Van Meter


Principal, Interior Design

Client Advocate

Tamara has built an award-winning body of work, bringing creativity, compassion, and tactical focus to her clients’ ambitions. She believes your environment can be the most impactful change agent to your bottom line, culture, and brand. As the driving force behind some of the region’s most imaginative and meaningful projects, Tamara is not only a talented designer, but an industry leader and community partner.

Design Drivers

Tamara came to SMBW with the goal to build the firm where she always wanted to work. Constantly on the hunt for design ideas, workplace culture moves, and strategic operational thinking that break the typical corporate mold, create energy, and inspire her team, Tamara often asks, "How can we make this better?".

Work Approach

"I'm a planned procrastinator. Is that a thing?" If you've spent anytime on the working soccer mom beat, you'd understand that there just isn't enough time in the day. She thrives on the thrill of a deadline and can still have stroke of genius at the eleventh hour. Tamara schedules her day like an air traffic controller shuffles planes leaving us all wondering, "How does she do it?".

What She's Known For

She's our go-to when you need a talk off the proverbial ledge. Tamara meets people where they are by listening empathetically and responding with tangible solutions that impact and enrich their organizations.

After Work, Find Tamara...

Supporting her three children's passions, working on her family farm, or wrangling the new family puppy.


Phone: 804.622.2161