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Richmond, VA

9 Years at SMBW


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Notable Projects

1717 Innovation Center
Activation Capital
Market 34
Soda Flats

Spencer Grice


Principal, Architecture

Blue Sky Thinker

One of SMBW’s lead design eyes, Spencer approaches concept design with a strong and respected voice, helping staff improve ideas and shaping the way people interact in an architectural landscape. He sees architecture as a representation of human progress and looks to create juxtapositions between old and new. His understanding of real estate as an underpinning to a client’s business translates into design and brings an added level of value to any project – large or small.

Career Origins

When Michael Newman, one of the renowned regional modernists in N.C., walked into Spencer's childhood house with a model of their new home design, something clicked. He was mesmerized by the model’s detail, the modern design, and the idea that the little home model would be coming to life. He spent the next year running through the construction site, excited by this utterly unique house coming up around him. The idea that you could imagine something so unique (to a 10 year old) and then make it real, set Spencer on the course of architecture.

Design Drivers

What drives Spencer at work? Collaboration. Watching an idea develop in a group setting keeps Spencer excited about his work. He seeks to create a space for others to generate ideas and helps them to blossom.

Design Inspiration

Spencer appreciates 'the greats' like Aalto, for his unparalleled use of curves, sensuality, and rigor, but embraces the notion that inspiration comes from different places for each project. Like any creative endeavor, design inspiration requires stimulation outside of the industry. "When all you do it think about architecture inside the bubble of architecture, your ideas become stale."

After Work, Find Spencer...

Playing his guitar or hanging around the river water skiing, kayaking, and hiking with his wife and two children.


Phone: 804.622.2165