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Ledbury Headquarters

Richmond, VA

11 Years at SMBW


Phone: 804.622.2168

Notable Projects

Affiliated Dermatologists of Virginia
Gregory Kaplan Law Office

Sierra Roman


Associate + Interior Design

Collaborative Creator

Sierra thrives in the design field where every day is different, full of constant change and evolution. Client-focused, she enjoys solving the space plan puzzle to create a space that brings added value to the vision. Collaboration and communication are key to her project success, as well as her commitment to client needs from beginning to end. The design details she brings to life through custom millwork and adaptive style create one-of-a-kind show stoppers.

Design Identity

Who is Sierra, as a designer?Driven by the client's program and functional needs, Sierra enjoys understanding an organization's unique culture and work flow to place all the puzzle pieces correctly. With their programmatic needs addressed, Sierra finds purposeful ways to insert style and brand into each design.

Personal Passion

Sierra is personally passionate about her artistic work in the fiber arts. She hand dyes her own yarns and creates abstracted wall hangings from photos of her travels and experiences. You can find one of Sierra's hangings on display in the SMBW office.


At SMBW, designers are encouraged to stretch their design thinking and creativity. Being a small generalist firm, SMBWians wear many different hats and learn vicariously through the varied client base, which keeps every day fresh and fosters an environment focused on learning and development.

After Work, Find Sierra...

On her Ashland farm with three goats, a crazy puppy, three wild children and resident architect/husband. The space keeps her grounded and always on the move. The Romans are never without at least one DIY home project going on in the background that allows them to keep flexing their design skills.


Phone: 804.622.2168