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Ledbury Headquarters

Richmond, VA


Phone: 804.622.2168

Notable Projects

Ledbury Headquarters
Luck Stone

Sierra Roman

Associate + Interior Design

Fiber Artist

Coming from a family of painters, jewelers and animator…art is in Sierra’s blood. Fascinated by the significant role environment plays on shaping people’s lives; Sierra strives to create beautiful and functional spaces that promote creativity, peace, and happiness. As an accomplished weaver, she is drawn to minimalist design with classic materials and distinctive textures.

Best mistake you’ve ever made?

There are no mistakes, only happy accidents.

What are your personal passions or obsessions?

My family, being in nature, and designing.

Why SMBW? Why design?

I have loved design ever since I was a teenager, art is in my blood. The built environment can play a significant role in people’s lives and SMBW does a great job of responding to the client’s needs in a beautiful and functional way.


Phone: 804.622.2168