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Henrico, VA

6 Years at SMBW


Phone: 804.709.1301

Notable Projects

Market 34
Thurston Hall

Shannon Dankos


Interior Design

Creative Thinker

Shannon is not afraid to make bold design moves that make a statement. A friend of color, unique furniture finds, and inventive, out-of-the-box thinking, Shannon fits high design into each space. In addition to creative design solutions, she boasts the title of best team player on projects, researching and going behind the scenes to get to the bottom of every issue. Shannon enjoys tying the design concept to the client needs in an effort to create community connection and purposeful projects.

Design Inspiration

By constantly exposing herself to new places and experiences, Shannon is able to reflect on these adventures when she's feeling stuck. New materials, products, research, music, social experiences, and peer collaboration are also a regular part of her design diet and fuel her creative palette.

Must Have

Shannon wouldn't leave the house without her headphones; always plugged in, keeping a beat going throughout her work day. What's on repeat? These days, historical fiction audio books are her jam, but you'll find bluegrass and classic country playlists in the regular rotation.

Design Drivers

Creating tangible impact for her clients keeps Shannon eager, curious, and creative. Each project begins by identifying each client’s specific goals, mission, brand, values, and vision for their new space. Though realities like existing site, budget, and schedule present unique design challenges, these circumstances are often when her most unique and creative solutions are inspired.

After Work, Find Shannon...

Taking care of her Ashland farmhouse, an old converted barn, with her husband, 5 chickens, 3 horses, and a cat.


Phone: 804.709.1301