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Capital One 1717 Innovation Center

Richmond, Virginia

New in 2021- Welcome back, Rick!


Phone: 804.622.2178

Notable Projects

University of Richmond Queally Center for Admissions
Capital One 1717 Innovation Center
Virginia War Memorial Expansion
Capital One Market 34

Rick Fischl

Associate + Architecture

Contextual Composer

Rick has built a body of work spanning a wide range of market segments, from large-scale urban and commercial developments to small-scale renovations and private residences. His work is deeply focused on its integration to place and intentionality in its follow-through from the macro idea down to the tiny detail, with a desire to create a sense of both clarity and timelessness in its implementation. A modernist and minimalist at heart, he seeks to develop solutions that juxtapose old with new and complement the rich history of their settings. He believes above all else however, the key to impactful and lasting design is deep collaboration with both clients and staff in order to harness the collective energy and meaningful insight that the broader team brings.


His affinity for SMBW is a bit of a romantic “first love” as he associates his visit as a young design student to Belvidere Gardens as his first experience in person with capital ‘A’ architecture. In that moment he felt he truly understood the power of place, and the gravity of impact that space can have to elevate the human condition. Rick believes design is a lifestyle, not a job, and while he’s always believed that since he aspired to be an architect as a boy, that experience still holds as a defining moment that clarified why he choose the path that he did, and the types of experiences he wanted to be able to compose. While he made that visit well over a decade ago, Rick believes SMBW still and always will continue to hold important both the power of place and the ability of the firm’s work to touch the people who use it in a genuinely positive way.

Design Drivers

Rick holds the ideal that architecture is merely a stage for life and that its purpose is to enlighten the human condition. Above all else, while design can be a form of art in and of itself, he believes each design should be a highly unique response to the client’s goals, and more broadly to societal needs and desires. While he is research driven and pulls inspiration from his admired design greats and past precedent, at the forefront of his process is continually asking if the decisions being made will elevate the client’s ambitions and if they will yield a place of delight and pragmatic function for its users.

After Work, Find Rick…

Hanging out with his wife, newborn son, and crazy dog, doing CrossfFit in his garage gym, continuing to perfect his coffee brewing technique, watching Virginia Tech football, or attempting to renovate his house and keep it upright.


Phone: 804.622.2178