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Virginia Beach, VA

New in 2021- Welcome, Nicole!


Phone: 804.622.2176

Notable Projects

MOI Showroom
Park Ave Apts
Silk Mills
Virginia House

Nicole Gallini


Design Sponge

Nicole has a passion for approachable design with big impact. A curious creator not afraid of a challenge, she enjoys thoroughly exploring a client’s industry, researching emerging trends, and surprising the client with a new perspective. As a recent graduate from Virginia Tech, Nicole is a focused, observant, and soaking up training as a burgeoning architectural designer.

Design Crush

Nicole admires Zumthor for his insistence that all design be understandable by everyone, not just designers. Having visited several of his projects during her Switzerland study abroad, she was able to translate this idealism into real-world design principles. What building stuck with her the most? The St. Benedict Chapel, which is designed to sustain itself during an avalanche.

Workplace Challenges

What's her weakness? As a night owl, Nicole is still getting accustomed to the idea of traditional office hours.

After Work, Find Nicole...

Taking care of her house plants, crocheting, volunteering at the Richmond SPCA, or playing video games with her co-workers.


Phone: 804.622.2176