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1717 Innovation Center

Richmond, VA

9 Years at SMBW


Phone: 804.622.2163

Notable Projects

1717 Innovation Center
Eastern Shore Residence
JMU Jennings Hall
Main Street Station
Virginia Bar Association

Melinda Jeffries


Associate + Interior Design

Thoughtful Leader

Melinda brings strength in team leadership and client advocacy to every project. Blending focused, analytical thinking and inspired creative thinking, she endeavors to translate the design process into something every client can understand. By learning from her clients as much as she teaches, Melinda is able to work with projects of any size or style. As a primary client contact and advocate, she shepherds her teams through hitting key milestones while always keeping an eye on the bigger picture. Melinda believes design holds the potential to drive innovation, propel business success, and lift the human spirit.

Design Identity

Who is Melinda, as a designer? As we all are, she is a product of all the places, people and experiences she's encountered. Pulling inspiration from residential design, she provides her clients with fresh, comfortable environments for learning and working.

Design Drivers

Connections matter to Melinda, who is driven by the client relationship. Nothing is more gratifying than giving the client what they didn't know they needed.

In Your Ear

Our resident office DJ is always quick to offer a new recommendation when you're feeling in a tune rut or share her latest Spotify playlist. One of her most memorable concerts was Kishi Bashi at the Jefferson Theater. He came out in the audience and played right next to her. It was so memorable, Melinda and her husband selected the song for the first dance at their wedding.

After Work, Find Melinda...

Introducing her young son to her favorite spots around RVA, like the VMFA, Lewis Ginter, or local breweries.


Phone: 804.622.2163