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GW Thurston Hall

Wahington, D.C.

1 year at SMBW


Phone: 804.233.5343

Notable Projects

Thurston Hall
Independent Container Line
Silk Mills

Kelsey Levitt

Interior Designer

Team Player

A recent graduate from Virginia Commonwealth University's Interior Design program, Kelsey is an eager team member ready to tackle real-world design problems. As an Interior Designer, she enjoys being a part of a collaborative design team, working with clients, and exploring new technologies that can enhance the design process.

Why Design?

From a young age, Kelsey has always had an eye for space. She learned about the impact of environment through her community work for Art With a Heart, a nonprofit that created murals in underprivileged neighborhoods.

Design Drivers

What drives Kelsey at work? Deadlines, making clients happy, and coming together as a team to reach a common goal.

Would Rather Not Admit

Though many right-brainers identify as night owls, Kelsey finds her mind the most alert and productive early in the morning. While she never had to pull an all-nighter in design school, we attribute this to her proactive work approach.

Design Crush

Odile Decq for her bold designs and bold look.

After work, Find Kelsey...

Sketching, working on a painting commission, or watching Love Island.


Phone: 804.233.5343