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GW Thurston Hall

Wahington, D.C.


Phone: 804.233.5343

Notable Projects

Thurston Hall
Independent Container Line
Silk Mills

Kelsey Levitt

Interior Design

Team Player

A recent graduate from Virginia Commonwealth University's Interior Design program, Kelsey is an eager team member ready to tackle real-world design problems. As an Interior Designer, enjoys being a part of a collaborative design team, working with clients, and exploring new technologies that can enhance the design process.

Why design?

From a young age, Kelsey has always had an eye for space. She learned about the impact of environment through her community work for Art With a Heart, a nonprofit that created murals in underprivileged neighborhoods.

What drives you?

Deadlines, making clients happy, and coming together as a team to reach a common goal.

One thing about you, you'd rather not admit?

Though many right-brainers identify as night owls, Kelsey finds her mind the most alert and productive early in the morning. Though she never had to pull an all-nighter in design school, we attribute this to her proactive work approach.

Who is your design crush?

Odile Decq for her bold designs and bold look.

After work, find Kelsey...

Sketching, working on a painting commission, or watching Love Island,


Phone: 804.233.5343