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Activation Capital

Richmond, VA

3 Years at SMBW


Phone: 703.626.2384

Notable Projects

Activation Capital
Corporate Conference Center

Andres Gonzalez

Brand + Graphic Designer

Visual Storyteller

Andres can astutely conceive projects at a macro and micro level, thinking from big picture concept down to the tiny details that bring your space to life. He offers a soup-to-nuts design package, from space planning, design concepts, to wayfinding, and environmental graphic design. As an Environmental Graphic Designer, his work focuses on the visual aspects of wayfinding, communicating identity and information, and shaping experiences that connect people to place. Andres has experience across market sectors specializing in branded environments with a tailored guest experience

Why Design? Why SMBW?

Originally an Architecture student, Andres gravitated towards design to approach the problems at the human scale and impacting the user experience. "SMBW allows each designer to express themselves creatively and fosters a culture of mentorship and personal growth that I value."

Professional Drivers

An Interior Designer turned Environmental Graphic Designer, Andres lives to tell the full-circle client story reflecting their brand, values, and goals. He goes above and beyond to bring high-level designs that resonate with his clients.

His Biggest Challenge

Passionate people are at the heart of SMBW. Passion for design, for helping others, and for making our clients happy. Detachment is his biggest challenge. Working diligently to craft elegant solutions, it can be painful to let an idea go after bringing it to life.

After Work, Find Andres...

Tending to his bees and garden, whipping up a Mexican dish in the kitchen, or on the Hardywood patio with a seasonal brew.


Phone: 703.626.2384